EAF Top Element Fighter Competition

Hello Gentlemen, Pilots and friends.
Here are the pairings in the first round of flights. We meet each team once only in the first round.
The top four Sections will go on to the semi final round, where 1st-4th and 2nd-3rd(best of three matches). The two top teams will go on to the finals and the two bottom will fight for third place.

We will use the BERLOGA server. I would like to have a referee for each match and volunteers can apply in this thread. If a referee isn’t available for your match then I think we’re honorable enough to admit defeat to the better team. But if you can’t agree then we will re run the match with a referee.
Keep in mind that this is supposed to be a fun night with the boys.

1st round March 1-20

Team BJ-Ilyushionists

Merlin-Team BJ

Redkites-Team BJ

Team BJ-Mjölner

Team BJ-Maestral

Teams are:

Team BJ: Banzi & Jimmi
Maestral: Cyclops & Ribbon
Redkites: OD & RED
Ilyushionists: Joe & Stunt
Merlin: Flash & Swoop
Mjölner(Thors Hammer): Starfire & Apollo