EAF site trouble

Hallo mates.
I have a strange trouble.
On my primary PC, (SO win xp sp3), connected by lan cable on my router, when I check EAF site I have the message “Service unavailable”. I turn off Zone Alarm but this don’t resolve the matter. I used Microsoft Explorer and Google Chrome but I didi’t see any difference. Some other sites are normally opened.
At the same time with my notebook (win 7 google chrome) connected by wifi I can read and write free.
Any suggestion?

i don’t know how solve the problem but i noticed it… it seems it is only a temporary “failure” with the same computer yesterday night and this morning i see “SERVICE UNAVAILABLE” and after ten minutes the problem was solved. So i think it’s a server problem.

In the same time one PC don’t connect and other connect. I think isn’t a server problem

Reset router and check it…

I check it but no news…

What adress do you use, http://www.euroepanaf.net or .org?
The later still points to the old server who then sends you to the new one, and that could possibly create a problem for some set-ups, though I haven’t heard about any.

I have the same issue but now I am typing through the 92 site which is up and running, Thanks Brigs!:slight_smile:

Yes, it’s the old URL that is not responding.

That’s a problem for visitors as Google still has the old site as the top result in search :frowning:

The old site is down.
Which is why the forum theme is looking slightly different.
Most of the images for the forum are hosted on the old site.

Thank’s Mikke, now I read the forum. I don’t understand how the address is changed from .net to .org; the EAF forum is the site that i read much frequently.

The old server was down and unfortunately I didn’t notice it until yesterday, that is fixed now, but everyone should update their bookmarks so they point to the new server.
Forum is here: http://forum.europeanaf.net
Main site is here: http://www.europeanaf.net