EAF pilots meet up flying CoD

Having a set day and time would really help with meeting other fellow eaf pilots, how about Monday as its very quiet right now, or another day. Weekends evenings?

Im up fellas, ok for any day, lets try to choose 1 or 2…maybe 1 day in the week and 1 day in the weekend ?


Monday and Saturday(Friday, sunday, lol) I don’t have a life so I can anyday. I’m avail during the daytime as well. Kids are in school from 8-15 usually, wife at work and when I’m off work I’m home all day.

How about Fridays lads?

To me, the suitable days for CoD are Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. :slight_smile:

Friday could be fine for me as well;)

I’m in any day :smiley:

What’s the plan? basic training or fight to the death

I don’t have a server setup yet, unlike Starfire so thought to jump into one of the populated ones and pair up and go fly together. I’m still learning but can help with questions.

51 and 331 flew on Monday and I’m just asking on feedback to see how this went. Maybe as Mondays are quiet we could also meet up.

Sorry I will away for a bit…my beloved 5 months age ATI hd 6970…is exploded:(
So, is it still in guarantee and I got already confirmation from the dealer that I will receive my money back…and I will get a new one…
Hope to be back in 1 week, no more


Sorry to hear that Seyeo…hope they can get you a replacement soon.

Finch, Apollo, Red etc, do you fancy meeting up around 8:00 GMT on this Friday and getting on a CoD server and see how we do?

Ming and Chris hope to join us too.

Anyone welcome lads.

Finch, Apollo, Red etc, do you fancy meeting up around 8:00 GMT on this Friday

It’s OK to me… 8 - 8,30 GMT

…my beloved 5 months age ATI hd 6970…is exploded:(

Buy NVidia, more expensive than ATI, but reliable

Sorry gents, I’m out of town until Nov 9th. So I can join on Thursday the 10th for some fun.
FYI we had a good session last Monday. But Redundant couldn’t join and the server froze once, but otherwise good fun.


…IM an ATI side guy, Is the first ATI ever that had a problem with me…despite the other 2 times I’ve tried Nvidia…results…all of them gave me tons of problem…I think is just a metter of luck:)

Will be flying this Sunday 6/11 at 20:00 if anyone fancies joining in.

I might be able to make this. How do we all meet up? :slight_smile:


might be a bit late now…

Anyone flying CoD tonight - Monday the 14/11?

Hope to be on the EAF CoD TS from 20:00ish onwards.

Anyone up tn8? I can host, rig is ok now
Around Italy time 21.30-22.00 ?
Let me know

Hi Seyou.

I’ll be online tonight. I don’t know if we will be planning our last SEOW mission however. If not, then I can fly some COD with you mate.