EAF New Year Air Races

~S~ All,

We used to conduct air races in 79vRAF in IL2 1946 and it’s something that we could greatly enjoy. Just wondering if there would be any interest in taking part in one either in IL2 1946 or Cliffs of Dover. I was looking at Sunday 3rd January 19:00(GMT) Date is negotiable, but think it should be done while SoW is down.

We have some general rules:
[li]No Ammo[/li][li]Limited Fuel[/li][li]Avoid collisions[/li][li]First to cross the finish line (intact) wins[/ol][/li]If you could let me know below if you can join in and which sim you have a preference for then I’ll see what I can get set up :slight_smile:



Yep, count me in!

I’ve IL2 1946 and Clod, would prefer Clod I have to say!

Can’t make the 3rd… But if it’s on another date count me in …il2 preferably cos it’s got better circuits


well like the idea don’t promise anything but if online i will participate!

What about a circuit around wight island???:stuck_out_tongue:

I suggest too something in COD…count me in!

I’ll see what I can do to either find some courses or make one then. The consenus so far is for Cliffs of Dover.

What if we made it Monday 4th January could more people make it?