EAF Lan Event ?

Would like to throw an idea forward for a possible EAF meetup/Lan event.

I attended a Chamber of Commerce meeting the other day and got talking to the business development manager for Omega Sektor the largest Lan gaming centre in the uk. http://www.omegasektor.com/omega/cmps_index.php

They have a good selection of games already installed, but he did say he would be willing to install IL2 if we wanted (no joysticks available there thou)

We can do this at any time, maybe to coincide with our european members coming over for flying legends.

If the interest is there i can arrange it for us.


(Bar is available on site and you are near Broad Street where all the pubs/Clubs and restaurants are).

What could be interesting for that sort of event is a DF based war - something that is constantly rolling, or an SE battle over LAN we should be able to get more players in to each mission?

What about TIR and comms?

They are considering buying some Track Ir’s after i told them what Track Ir was, and they have headsets with mics so getting TS installed would be no issue.

Joysticks are the only area we would need to bring our own kit i think.

I’ll turn up if you set it up Meaks.
So I just need to provide a stick and you’ll be bringing the beer, that’s right aint it :wink:

Sounds fun, though I think I wont be able to travel very far… so it depends on the location for me.