EAF- "Facta, non Verba": Delivery Situation

With the exception of Snake, who asked for a delayed delivery for not interfering with his holidays ;), all other Mail Deliveries have already been accomplished. :anpeace:

The only non-Duxford ones left are BANZAI (coming to the next Milan EAF51 Meeting), and Duke, to whom his stuff will be directly handed by EAF51 Agents, while resting on Lake Garda’s shores…:smiley:

Here’s a pic of the very first Group Delivery (remember Col. MonsTTerenko’s Office in Malta?) :roflmao::


For your information, in addition to the Caps, the menu of the evening at our favourite pub was the following:

  • Selection of Italian salumi and cheeses
  • Olive all’Ascolana
  • Potatoes croquettes
  • Fried chicken
  • Italian bread
  • Wide selection of draft beers

Poor EAF friends, you do not really understand what are you missing… :smiley:

Don’t worry, one of these days I will visit Milano and you can show me all the delights of the italian kitchen :slight_smile:

There is something wrong when you look at a menu in an Italian pub and it looks like an American menu of fried Chicken, Mozzarella sticks and French Fries, where is the Pasta Fasholi and Fried Calamari dishes now thats Italiano! :roflmao:

You certainly miss “olive all’ascolana” (Ascoli style fried olives)