EAF artists... we are missing a 512X512 icon

  • Your site is missing a 512 × 512 icon which allows users to add a homescreen shortcut to this site on Android devices. Go to [the Site Settings and upload a 512 × 512 icon.

Any volunteer to create something?

@EAF79_Topsy @EAF331_Ribbon ??

I can when i get back from business trip, next week!
Do you have anything specific pic to be about?

i would stick on EAF logo or logo + spit… or something around that…



Icon required is square so the EAF emblem seems to be best. Otherwise a close up of EA O F on a Spit fuselage. Will post an example later today.

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Here is a Spit with EAF markings in square format. I could try a more dynamic 3/4 view in the same format.EAF%20square

Here are two more 3/4 screenshots :slight_smile:

I can take off the invasion stripes for more clarity

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When you make it small you lose some detail, but a close up of the 3/4 screenshot without invasion stripes could be very good IMHO

Here are some more to choose from :slight_smile:EAF%20Normandy6


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I can do it, once I get back.