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Greetings, my callsign is TheFlyingDutchman, or Dutch for short. I’m a South African virtual pilot that recently came across a member of EAF in the Storm Of War server: EAF_T_Polansky. After a while of flying with him, it came to my understanding that EAF flies on a regular basis in a structured and professional manner; exactly the sort of flying I’ve been seeking for ages now.

I have a relatively good understanding of radio communication and terms.
I have a good understanding of the technical aspect involved with operating the aircraft utilized by the squadron.
Coming from the Virtual Silver Falcons display team, I also manage formation flying well; be it tight formation, transitions, manoeuvres, or even take-off and landing.

Regards to all - Dutchman.


Welcome aboard Dutchman :+1:


We fly on Mondays and Thursdays from 21.00 (CET)
One of the two evenings we dedicate to training with our instructors.
If you want to be part of the EAF, in addition to reading and accepting our rules, you must apply for “Enlistment”.
Further information can be found here: Enlist - European Air Force

Hi Dutch, welkom

Hi Dutchman, great nick, and welcome!! Hope too see you soon in virtual skies!

Welcome aboard! :smiley:

Welcome on board!

Ciao Dutch welcome!!!

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Hi flying Duch, welcome. Hope to see you soon with us