Dynamic dogfight maps on EAF FTP

I have added 2 more dynamic dogfight missions to my directory in the eaf ftp server: one set in Leningrad, late 1942 and the other is operation Avalanche, the Salerno landings in september of 1943.
The collection is now a mere 10 maps. Among them are some practice maps for the upcoming SEOW campaign (battle of Moscow).

You can find them here:


nice one Snafu!

You definitely have earned your grade!

i would like to give a go to the Anzio one (flying some ANR macchi obviously :wink: )

Thank you Snafu!!!

Actually, Avalanche started september 9th, 1943 and it was not at Anzio but Salerno, my bad. It’s triggered by the nonsensical map of “Italy” which places Anzio at Salerno.

I’m afraid Italian a/c in this mission are axis…

I have added a 3rd version of the Moscow SEOW training mission to the FTP server.

The new version (v.3) is different; this one has the red army on the offensive, instead of on the defensive. The targets and AI have been completely revised.
My intention with this mission is to provide something that resembles a possible opening mission of the upcoming SEOW for us to practice.
The targets for red are german airfields, an armoured column, and CAP for a friendly attack as well as for airfields.

I have tried to give it a look and feel which we can expect in the campaign based on previous campaigns.

This dynamic dogfight map can be used to fly a series of missions because the AI presents continuous opportunities.
Without a need for restarting/ reloading the mission it allows these sorties to be flown:

  1. Intercept a german bomber attack
  2. attack a german armoured counterattack
  3. airfield attack 1
  4. airfield attack 2

you can find it HERE. (EAF FTP)