Duxford's October Show

Was a pretty good one in the end - the black cats (Lynx pair) had a bird strike on the run in to start their display and had to go around but other than that all went well!

Here are a few from the day:

And… for those of us who are all great fans of …

Ladder carrying monkeys!


Ladder carrying monkeys!

I’m suprised he could stand in front of you with the size of your lens. Looks like you knocked him off it anway. :slight_smile:

Nice pics, as usual. The sky looked perfect.

Next time, take a pole and a few buddies.

haha! good idea!

Thanks for the kind comments chaps.

A few more for you:

A hellcat hiding a wildcat!

Nice pics m8, what camera settings do you use? (ie shutter speed)

I saw that F86 Sabre at Fairford, lovely aircraft, I like that shot of the hurricane any chance of a blown up one for my desktop? :smiley:


For jets I use anywhere upwards of 1/640th

For props I generally use from 1/125 - 1/320th depending on the power of the aircraft.

ISO 100 and in shutter priority mode

The Hurricane shot was 1/80 at 400mm with IS switched off hand held :smiley: As you know they are more or less idling as the cross the fence to the land so a really low shutter speed is required to get that much blur.

What is your desktop res m8? :slight_smile:

Res is 1280 x 1024 :slight_smile:

But the older we get I’m sure it will drop until we are all looking at 800 x 600 :smiley:


I can’t believe someone had the nerve to come with a ladder!!! What an R-sole!

Luvly pics as usual mate :slight_smile:


Splash, check your pm’s.

Thx Richy - can’t believe you haven’t noticed em before - there are loads!