Duxford Sunday Frying Legends 2

Took a last minute decision to go, I was’nt going to because there was no jets.

Here’s my best, no show stoppers really as I’m not great at shooting prop stuff.

Nah, totally crappy prop-pics.

NOT!!! :smiley:

Honestly, that’s some really nice pics, good work! Can I have them in 1920x1080? :wink:

Glad you liked em Mikke

The hi res are on my flickr site, feel free to grab them, they are’nt limited to size.


Grabbing a lot of background pic material as I write. :smiley:

I like them as well Phil. My favorite is the B17 in the clouds.

Some of mine from the Saturday i know not are good as phils but my camera is not in the same league as his set up