Duxford Pictures

What a show! It was immense (and I’m not talking about the amount of beer consumed at the beer tent by Scotty and Brigstock).

It was great to meet the few of us who turned up on Saturday - Scotty, Faron, Insight and Brigstock (and Painter on Friday), and to meet some of our friends from the community (MA squad, 242 Squad and LeL squad).

Well, I was asked to take lots of photos (it’s your fault Hiawatha!) so I went a bit mad with my camera - here they are:


Highlight for me - hmm, either the 8 spitfires flying about all over the sky, or maybe the Mustang pair flying, I swear, almost touching each other while doing rolls!

Hope the show on Sunday is good for the rest of you!

Superb pictures! :slight_smile:

I have to go there now having seen those tanks on display. With such a quick turnaround on getting the pictures up you should be working for the press.


niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Great show.

It must have bean great to stand so close, and see them fly and taxi right next to you.:smiley:
And the sound, i can almost here them.

I have some pics too but have not got them up anywhere yet.

really great to meet everyone… got burned dag nammit, sun came out :slight_smile:

What the guys missed at the end was a small accident which fortunately no-one was injured in.

One of the dragon rapide passenger aircraft had a small engine fire on start up and its lower starboard wing burned all of its covering off…

they didn’t have any fire extinguishers in the tent next to it and had to run into the American hangar to get some!

Fortunately a member of the public saw the fire and shouted to a marshall who indicated to the pilot to switch off and get everyone out… if he had not of seen it to early I shudder to think what may or may not have happened.

The aircraft was left intact aport from the engine nacelle and lower wing as mentioned.

It was fantastic to see Sally B flying!!!

Their insurance company let them only insure it for flying during the 3 months of the display season and Richard Branson picked up the tab!!!

They still have to sort something out for next year so lets hope they do get it sorted.

If they cannt sort the insurance they will have to sell her (probably to someone in the USA) and she most likely won’t be seen in the UK again :frowning:

Guys please see this from their website and sign their petition:

Sign our petition Every signature counts.
Click here to download and return the petition to us as soon as possible. B-17’s address is on the bottom of the petition.

Everything depends on the public’s reaction to our campaign and their generosity in making donations to The B-17 Charitable Trust. But if no permanent solution is found, this will be Sally B’s last season flying in this country.

Here is the link for the download http://sallyb.dcgservices.com/petition.doc

Here is the news page with the details on how they have sorted it and full details of what the problem is:


That was close, Insight!

[i]EDIT: I have added a small, low res video to the album (just shot with my little camera). No great detail, but it does give some of the feeling of the show


Thank you Joe for the great pics.

Excellent shots

Thanks Joe!!


There was an airshow!!..Wow…I wondered what all that noise was beside the bar :slight_smile:

It was a good day out and great to meet up with some fellow EAF chaps.

Having viewed the shots Joe, lots of excellent Aircraft, but the one I’m in is less than flattering. Normally one has a little time to prepare for a close up.
Obviously you never studied at the same academy as Mr DeVille

Wonderful pictures!! Thanks!

Thank you Joe! :slight_smile:

Nice pictures Joe…

Looks like you all had a great time.

Just watched (on TV) the flypast at the Mall in London as part of the VE day celebrations.

Nice to see the line up again, and this is why we didn’t see the BBMF Lancaster open it’s bombdoors at Duxford - amazing site, and the blood red of a million poppies is truly evocative:


I watched it on the news

gave me goose bumps and put a lump in my throat when I heard the roar of the crowd upon the lanc’s arrival!

Nice pics Joe :slight_smile:
A handfull of the one I took Sunday …

Thor came prepared for a typical british summer … and got caught out … although he did make a nce camera carrying vehicle !!

Nice Majik!

Looks like a LOT sunnier on Sunday.

Hey, where’s your ugly mug in the pictures?

Well asuperb day all together. Meeting the guys was just a part of the day as seeing all the great aircraft.

Although the day started dull it soon burnt the cloud away and was hot hot hot, well I was led on by Joe and came back with a real designer hat ( NOT ).

But didnt want him to stand there feeling a fool on his own, you know comrades in arms and all that stuff.

Love the photos JOe very nice indeed…

Cant wait till next year, hopefully there will be Flowbee and roadrunner along for the ride…

Well have to add that our squadron leader Scotty helped to stop the beer tent falling down but must also mention that he had a great wingman in Brigstock.

Cheers all …

A great presentation, shame I missed the show

work commitments as ever