Duxford Flying Legends 14th July

~S~ Chaps…

Thought I’d take a look at the EAF forums and it seems I can still post here, so I hope that you do not mind?

I’m going to at the Duxford Flying Legends Air Show on the 14th July and will be camping with the ATAG guys on the Friday and Saturday nights.

Anyone in the EAF thinking of going? If so, it would be good to catch up!

Hope that you are all well? I’m still only flying CLoD but that may change once the fabled ‘Bodenplate’ is released. And life back in the RAF is going great!

Cheers all…


Will Buzzsaw be there? Wouldn’t want to be sued for something I’ve not done :rolleyes: I’m thinking about going, I doubt it will be with Laura this time but I’m not sure yet.


No idea if he is going Tom! But do let me know if you do go and we can arrange meeting up?

Will do, I have a niggling doubt that I am meant to be watching the girls as Laura’s away.

Hey dude!

I cant go unfortunately… hope you have a great time and happy to hear that all is well in the RAF.

Afraid I can’t go, turns out we have commitments in Leeds.