Dumb question about DCS patch 22/10/2022

Maymbe i am wrong but wasn’t the new patch with major improvements due this week?
did i misunderstand? :thinking:

just rumors, imho ED doesn’t have a clear roadmap on patch releases… I’m quite disappointed.

Brainstorming the all thing I come to a conclusion.
Normal patch policy in the last year was one patch on alteranting Wednesday (ie every two weeks) for openbeta with a once a month patch for the stable version.
But, they introduced exceptions, if for example in a patch will be released a module then they switch to friday.
Last but not the least, when the patch claim for a major release (so no from 2.7.xxx.yyy to 2.7.xxa for example but moreover to 2.8 ) could happen that they miss a release. Probably last time bug or bug never found before make room to a bit more testing and fix, fix that may be affect the new module in release and so third party need to recheck…
I’m confident that next wednesday, if they didn’t find any new major bug we will have it.
Sincerely I have big hope for this patch, I belive (and hoping not to be wrong) that they will introduce some kind of multicore pre release…

Wednesday vs Friday I think is mostly dependant on wether they feel that it’s ready for release. I think they have said that Wednesday was intended to be the normal day, but they might have given up on that idea.
Like Joker, I suspect we will see something on Wednesday, but I will not bet any money on it. :smiley:
And if not, two weeks! :wink: