Dual monitor set up ?

Using the Nvidia control panel I can only seem to set up dual monitors in clone mode I am trying to use them as individual monitors however selecting the other I only have the desktop wallpaper showing and no icons to select. The mouse arrow moves accross the monitors but I think I am missing something, can anyone help / Mags.

Sounds like you have extended your desktop. In this mode, you can drag applications over to the other screen, so you wont have your desktop icons displayed unless you move them over there.

I know you can do it, because I have done in the past, unfortunately I’m on an ATI card at the minute so can’t see what checkboxes you need to enable. From memory, if you uncheck “extend your desktop” or something like that, but have the display active, does that work?

I can get the extended view and the cloned view but not it seems the dual view even tho this is selected and ran the set up wizard. I can copy paste, move by drag n drop anything to monitor 2 but upon clicking it ( e.g. explorer) it opens in monitor 1
I’m sure I,m missing something but can,t see the wood for the trees :confused:

If I right click on mon2 select properties it opens on mon1 this goes for everything :frowning: