Dual core owners only

Tip taken from “IL2 FREE Mods for the IL2 On-Line Community” forum:


Open conf.ini and browse to find ;ProcessAffinityMask
Now remove the semicolon to uncomment the ProcessAffinityMask and set it to a value of 2 like this: ProcessAfinityMask=2 . This will force IL2 to use the second core. The first core is heavily used by Windows thus is more appropriate to run IL2 in the Second Core.
Trust me, you’ll notice an increase in game performance!

It works great on my computer :smiley: may be some of you are already informed, however, for those want to get more information, please find the link here below

Thanks. I’ll check it out!

Modify done.

If my computer melts down I’ll come to your home.



Thanks RedThorn will try this

Not before the meet though :slight_smile:


Thanks for digging this thread up Ming.:slight_smile:

I followed the instructions on this link earlier today.
Havent noticed too much improvement yet as I havent tried it online.
I also scrolled down the page and set the recommended rts settings…again still not tried online.But I did also change the recommended sound settings…and ughhh!!!..awful.Echoes,headphones intermittent,bad interferance when moving mouse (no tir here…im a leftie-mouse user).
Sooo…I’ll repost when I have tried these new settings online (sound has been set back to original conf.ini now)

I would recommend do not waste time on this kind of experiments; my initial enthusiasm was actually due to incorrect performance comparison test method, once understood this, I could see there were no real improvements. I think the CPU know very well how to share the load among its cores, I believe it can do by its own, and at the best possible.

I want to set the conf.ini back to how it was before I fiddled with the settings as recommended in the link.
Would it be ok to c&p the conf.ini from my “untweaked” HSFX folder or should I manually reset them (thing being I cant remember the original settings).

Grandslam, should be fine to just copy and past your conf.ini.