Drawing a straight line

Using MS Excel as an IL2 mission building utility: Drawing a straight line

I’ve just put together a few notes on using MS Excel to draw straight lines on IL2 mission maps.
You can find the notes here:
Drawing a straight line

You may need to look here too …
Opening IL2 files with MS Excel

When you’ve read that, maybe you can tell me how I did this …

sine (SIN) function springs to mind via a generated table and a variable for the size of the individual circle

Cartesian-to-polar conversion might be handy too for a sweeping vector converting from X,Y information (easting/northing) to line-length and angle but this is to digress :slight_smile:

Am I close? :slight_smile:

Via Excel’s functions I mean and cut and pasting the XY points into the mission dot mis file?

Have a look at Extreme One’s ‘Normandy chimley pots’ posts at Ubi/SimHQ Painter. Interesting stuff. As is this work of yours. Very nice mate :slight_smile:


On the button Ming :slight_smile:

oh and cosine (COS) for the other co-ordinate.

The intervals are in 5 degree steps, excel expects angles in radians so use (RADIANS) to convert.

You don’t have to cut and past between files Ming (within a file yes) - if you read my notes, you’ll know I use Excel to edit the mission file directly

Bumping this so I can find it.

You can also try GroupCloner or MetaMis from http://www.airwarfare.com/Sims/FB/fb_essential_files.htm#094

They both do some useful things although they are a little finicky.


Thanks Painter and Whiskey…

Cool thanks chaps!


The Binbrook Campaign Medal is on the way to you both btw :slight_smile: