Does anyone know the state of the VR googles?

I have been looking into getting a pair of VR googles as part of getting back into flying. Especially since I am unable to get a wireless tracker for my TrackIR (he stopped making them).

When browsing online it is hard to get a clear view of the state of VR development.

Jimmi’s posting of the Youtube video shows a clear advantage of the HP reverb 2 when looking at the instruments, but what about spotting, shuttereffect and FOV?

Are Pimax any good for flying?

Small note: They are only for flying.

Wait! That’s still the Samsung Odyssey! G2 is on pre-order and if i’m lucky will be delivered end of this month…
Will let you know with a quick review when i’ll have it!

as for VR
imho is already enjoyable
spotting is good in BOx and bad in DCS (but same in 2d)
FOV is good the only problem is when defensive checking your six is a pain and some extra fov could be handy…
Also flying line abreast if your teammate is not on your 3-9 line but stuggering being you have to make some effort to check his six (more depending on 1on1 tracking, but again some more fov could help)

beware VR requires beefy PC!
With VR you’ll start upgrading and upgrading again your pc…

as a reference:
G2 native: 9331200 px
4K native: 8294400 px
Ody+ SS (x 1.44): 6635520 px
Ody+ native: 4608000 px
QHD native: 3686400 px
FHD native: 2073600 px
(found this yesterday on mudspike forums)

On eBay It Is still possible to find a tracker for trackir, look at this: :wink: