Does anyone know how to get recording out to AVI?

I have tried the build in MS and Intel and it all crashes or end up looking black and VR ready.

You’re going to have to be more specific. What recording? What are you trying to do?

I am trying to convert a recorded track into AVI.
When the track have been converte / recorded into AVI, I want to convert it once again into mp4/H264, so I can look at it on my plex server.
I have library of my flying adventures there :o

Plex should convert them for you, my Plex server plays AVI files. The way I have to do it though is through iMovie. I have to record from game using Nvidia Shadow Play and then edit them on my Mac. Then I can save them as different types of files.

So in essence you recommend an external application for recording and not the COD build-in AVI recorder.
My Plex server have does convert older AVI movies, but does not have the horsepower to convert uncompressed AVI (default Fraps format) :wink:

Thanks OD!

I don’t think that the game records AVI files. It records a track of the missions, which you can playback from different views in game. (Otherwise I am missing something)

You take the clips from FRAPS and edit them in an editor of your choice - in my case iMovie - and Plex plays them fine. Mine are generally 1080p and can be around 15 minutes long - in extreme cases! I believe Stuntman uses Shadowplay too, as does Philstyle on SoW. I can record while playing and not get a huge performance hit, may 10 FPS in graphics intense areas.