Does anyone have information regarding the numbers of recovered aircrafts during WWII

Hi Guys

Our participation in the SOW4 have made me wonder over the amount of refurbished aircraft’s during the real war.
How high a percentage of crashed RAF fighters was recovered in GB.
I have seen several pictures from WWII where damaged aircraft’s have been loaded on trucks. Have any of you read about the effort involved in recovering and refurbishing those damaged aircraft’s? Was the effort organised? Did it receive priority? How much can be reused?

I know from the book “General Kenny’s reports” that due to shortage of spareparts in the pacific, a lot was done to recover downed aircrafts. From flying mechanics out to scavenging downed aircraft’s to repair and building temporary runways to fly aircrafts out from behind enemy lines.

Search the SOW forum there was a long discussion on it!
In particular it seems RAF was very efficient restoring planes
LW no!

on the other side Channel SAR was excellent for Germans and bad for RAF!