Do not update steam!!

Seems the new steam update has knackered something


I bought IL2 BoS from Steam
I think steam will automatically update…
What kind of problems?

The latest update has stopped Cliffs from running and several other games which I have no idea about, it’s mainly for people flying Cliffs


Ciao Stevie
I threw off CLOD for this reason…
Any solution?

Hopefully there’s a solution
And the news on Tobruk


Just to let you know, I will be uninstalling Cliffs tonight. It’s not something I’ll be using and after the ATAG flurry of bans and hostility I won’t be welcome on their server anyway!

Sorry to hear.

I updated steam the other day and Cliffs worked for me afterwards. So Steam problem seem to be solved?

Steam had another update to sort out the problem
So problem solved