Do IL2 have a flight log?

I was just wondering. Yesterday I uploaded my Career profile from GTR2 to GTR2 Rank and noticed the amount of laps I been doing. So I my curiosity I checked my Falcon4 profile and IL2. But I can’t find anything in IL2 :eek:

I used to love falcon 4:), i bought a painted helmet and scenery upgrade but have since lost it all :frowning:

Im not sure what exactly you are lookin for, but maybe you should download IL2-Stab. There you will have a Logbook.

I wanted to se how many flight hours I got under my belt .

use Xfire… Everytime you fly put the programme on and it will register how much you have flied (also works with other games):

Thanks Kevy :smiley:

Downloading as we speake.

But I was hoping that there somethilng in the game itself.

nice, you can also add friends… my profile name is kevy777 as you see, add me if you like… since im quite friendless :smiley: