Did you see ...

the trailers of Avatar and 2012…wow


Been looking forward to Avatar for a while now Hiaw, the trailer is stunning !

I also recently saw ( DVD ) a sci-fi film called “the man from earth” which I really enjoyed. Almost the complete antithesis of Avatar.

I still despair at the money wasted on remakes and spurious sequals though.

Just got back from Avatar, Assessment CGI simply incredible I saw it 3D that was also top of the line. As far as the plot goes I don’t know why you need to spend 3 hours indoctrinating viewers how Humanity is the scourge of the Universe there is a Elitist, Hollywood New Age tree hugging Military is evil agenda. This will never go down as one of the greats as in Star Wars and LOTR at least the good guys were Human, Of course I felt sympathetic to their plight, I just found it hard to relate to 10 ft Aliens. If you can put up with the bogus plot it must be seen in 3D.