Der Untergang

I’d really recommend this german movie about the last days of the Third Reich to everyone. It’s very well made, it shows some very good insight into what went on down in Hitlers bunker during those last days.

The acting is very good, the story told is both interesting and somewhat chilling. You get some idea about just how out of touch with reality (read kookoo) Hitler was in the end, and some idea how those around him acted/reacted.

It doesn’t try to appologize or anything, only show how the end was and movies about Hitler is not something which has been done anything special by germans sofar. Been kinda a taboo I guess.


Very well observed, maddog :slight_smile:
this film shows just a bunch of crazies and their following of booking-clerks and simple-minded-slaughters out of touch with any kind of reality…not monstrous evil villain masterminds in comic book style…so there was some criticism in germany the nazi bunch was shown too human in some kind…the taboo you saw is there alright…maybe we dont like to see that a whole country could be taken over by some dumb half-arsed paranoids, who were not too clever at all and lost all touch of reality…but were capable of using mass-psychology on a starved and outraged society suffering from the in their sight desastrous versailles treaty and the bad economocal situation that days…not very good acting of the masses that days…so you are right…still taboo…its unbelievable a cultur-nation like germany was taken over by this bunch of nuts and loosers…still nowadays…look at the film…you get a feeling for what i ve said


Old news. I’ve seen it ages ago :smiley: