Debrief COD Session Nov 30th

Good fun yesterday chaps, with Apollo and Mikke.
Good training, quick combat and new stuff learned from mistakes…+1!!
Like…one mistake and then “game over”:p:p…comparing to Il2, there is not so much margin to recover if you do some mistake, so the tension SA has to be always on top. it’s Rock;)

I need some help if anybody has some suggestion pls:
Mainly, the biggest problem I have atm is to find dot…It seems that I’m able to see them only around 1km…but is suppose to be around 3km.
Anyone has any idea? or on wich res are you fliyng with?
Is really noising me …before this last patch, was excellent

Im flying at 1680 x 1080 all setting to max, AAS x4
( im reducing now the ground setting to medium…less details maybe is better to identify dots )


Scrivo in italiano perchè l’inglese lo mastico poco.
Anche se la risoluzione nativa del mio monitor è 1650x1080 trovo che per una migliore “visibilità” la risoluzione migliore sia 1280x800 senza Antialiasing.
Inoltre, online, tolgo la foresta ( i crucchi bastardi vanno rasoterra e poichè non c’è ancora un modello di collisione con gli alberi diventano ancora più invisibili). Volo anche con il cockpit aperto (migliore visibilità e possibilità di sentire il motore avversario avvicinarsi).
Tieni presente, comunque, che con la prossima patch potrebbe cambiare tutto visto che, a quanto pare, ci sarà un nuovo motore grafico

Grande Tony, stasera ci provo
p.s. non riesci a essere dei nostri stasera verso le 22.00?
sono gia’ in 3 a stuprarmi, vieni anche tu cosi’ facciamo una gang bang:roflmao::roflmao:

Was great fun yesterday! I’m at the point where I much prefer to fly COD instead of IL-2, simply for the feeling and realism.

I also find it hard to see planes sometimes, but I know that compared to some it works just fine for me. But on occation online I have totally failed to find an enemy that the AAA was shooting at. I’m not sure if that was because I was looking in the wrong direction or not carefully enough, or if it was somehow lag related.
I’m flying at 1920x1080 with FSAA turned on in drivers, but that works only so-so to reduce jaggies.

The AA is a terrible shot :slight_smile: sometimes you can see it bursting away quite low, but the bandit is actually a lot higher. Still its a good warning to watch your six :wink:

Sounds like a few more of us are getting the bug, the more you fly it the better it becomes. Doing quite a bit of testing with ammo load out, some are better at taking bombers out or fighters, depends what you are after. I quite like ball in the two outer wings with AP in the inner two, to go through the plane from dead six. The ball is better for wing damage I heard. I’m still trying to find anyone who has caught a 109 on fire yet.

S! Seyou.

When pilots of similar capabilities fight, it’s usually the one who makes the first mistake who will lose. Or the one who doesn’t check 6.
During our training yesterday you had the E advantage and set up many good rope a dopes, but never pounced on me, when my nose dropped due to my aircraft running out of speed. Many times I was at 80 mph(130 kph) and just could not keep my nose on you anymore. That would have been the perfect time to roll onto my 6 and kill me.
I have noticed that many times when I hit the enemy, the damage doesn’
t look like much, but all hell has broken loose on the enemy aircraft. This is why it’s good to be on comms with eachother so we can tell about the damage we are getting.
I couldn’t hear your rounds hitting, but I lost radiators and elevators and had to bail. Really cool!

I’ll be back in a few days on Dec 7 and will probably be flying on Thursday the 8th. Hope to see you then.


I did notice that a spit will take out a 109 if the two collide. Happened twice so far. Concrete spit!
Swoop. We managed to fireball a 109 yesterday and it apparently does a great deal of damage to the pilot.
Interesting point about the Ball ammo. didn’t think it would do anything compared to Armour piercing ammo. Guess I was wrong. Need to test a bit.
Have not worked out what load-outs are best against bombers yet.

Yep I confirm on fireball…heavy damage on my burned ass pilot :bootyshk::bootyshk:


I’ve heard of a big fireball, guessing when the fuel tanks explodes, but then the 109 carries on, just not with much fuel left. Good to hear the pilot takes some damage to, but you would think the the plane should break apart?

Anyway good to hear you had it happen. What loadout did you use and was it a side attack?

I managed to fireball 109’s at least twice on monday, but they did keep flying, with varying success (IIRC one went down more or less straight away, the other one stayed up longer, might have managed to land).

What load out were you using Mikke?

De Wilde and AP mostly, with a few normal FMJ thrown in now and then.