Dear EAF Fellas

Together with other 51 pilots we are getting back in the old lovely past flying together with an amazing new version of IL2, VP MOD. We are leaving the 4.13.4 to stay stable on VP.

Our wish is just to inform you all about this opportunity, we are flying Sunday e Tuesday ( plus many other nights…as are getting back in that old mood )
And it will be great if some of you is thinking to give it a try and join us just to see how is the new MOD.

We are all conscious that IL2 is a really old SIM…but with the new MoD we have tons and tons of fantastic missions and we are sure you will have fun…off course is always the old IL2…but is still the only one where we can have fun in an easy way.

The folder to download it is not public, so please if interested le t me know via PM so I will send you the link…be ready are 50gb

Plus, we have a new friends, Titan form Tennessee that is regularly hosting & providing missions and he sent us the VP Mod via UPS .
He’s developing amazing maps e missions and planes , plus there will be soon other 4-6 new pilots form USA e Australia joining us and we will start to run 8vs8 coops very soon ???

So, everybody is welcome…is still the same toy in anew shape…we are much older then the uodated game actually
Join us and give it a chance!


Sounds good, but I’ve got rid of all my IL2 1946 stuff, for the second time, so I won’t be able to install it. Not sure I could go back to it either; no VR and having to mess around with JSGME again and all the mods just puts me off.
Hope you guys have fun with it,


Well, I gave up on old IL-2 when CoD was released, and to be honest I haven’t really missed it, except for maybe SEOW, since then. But I’m glad to hear that people is still having fun with it after all these years.