DCS Training Missions

So, I’ve been working on the mission editor and developing the missions we’ve been flying. So, still flying from Sochi the mission now:

[li]Spawns enemy aircraft in that relate to the aircraft you’re flying - so P-51 spawns in Bf109, F-86 spawns in Mig-15.[/li][li]Mirage 2000C & F-15C spawn in a pair of Mig-29s[/li][li]A-10A/C spawns Mi-24 Hinds[/li][li]Contains ground targets[/li][li]Opportunity to test AIM9’s on the F-86 on a Red Tanker aircraft[/li][li]Going near the Enemy base scrambles aircraft[/li][ul][li]Tanks[/li][li]Trucks[/li][li]Fuel Convoy[/li][li]APC[/ul][/li][li]Easily updatable.[/ol][/li]It will contain:
[ul][li]A-10A Thunderbolt II[/li][li]A-10C Thunderbolt II[/li][li]F-15C Eagle[/li][li]F-86F Sabre[/li][li]P-51D Mustang[/li][li]TF-51D Mustang[/li][li]UH1-H Huey[/li][li]Ka50 Blackshark[/li][li]Mig-15Bis[/li][li]Fw190D9[/li][li]Bf109K4[/li][li]Mirage 2000C[/ul][/li]I can add more if needed. I still need to test it though. I want to get it so the aircraft flights can spawn in more than once, but so far I have not been able to get that to work.

Edit: Tested with the F-86 and A-10…working so far.