DCS: Ryzen R5 5600X Vs I9 9900K

I might have to buy one of the new R5 processors due to my current flying computer giving up. :frowning:
Not perfect timing (I would have prefered to wait a couple of weeks to see what Black Friday brings), but not horrible either.

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I ordered a new motherboard, CPU (Ryzen 5900X) and M2 SSD about a week ago, I’m hoping it will start showing up next week (but I’m not betting on it). Seems like both my old motherboard and CPU is fried, I borrowed a mini-PC that uses the same generation of CPU from a local buddy here, and I have tested both with my CPU in his PC and his CPU on my MB and neither combination works, so unfortunately it’s a total write-off. So now I can just hope that my new parts come in soon!

I’m really looking forward to trying DCS on a new PC, see if it makes any difference. To begin with I will be running my old AMD R9-290 on it, but once the new AMD GPUs are out and available I might get one of those unless Nvidia is better bang for the buck.

Pls let us know Your benchmark cause I’m in the process to decide my new computer and really I’m looking towards Ryzen and big Navi :+1:

what motherboard and m2 did you choose?

Asus TUF Gaming X570-Plus and Samsung 980 PRO 1TB M.2 (the later is probably unnecessary overspending, but…).

Big Navi will probably be a while before I have (if I do), and I will not have any real comparisons to my previous rig as that is now officially dead. But I will at least try to give as good an review I can after not having flown in over a month (not more I hope!).

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ueah absolutely overkill!
but i’m watching it too!!!

playstation and xbox will use pcie4 nvme so next generation games hipefully will use it more!

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First reviews of Radeon RX6800 and 6800XT is out, the reviews I’ve seen puts the XT around Nvidia 3080, sometimes a bit better, sometimes a bit worse, in some cases even beating the 3090, but generally doing worse when going up to 4K resolution and better at 1440.
Availability will probably be an issue just like for Nvidia 30XX, if I understand things correctly it’s only cards directly from AMD that was released yesterday, and RX6XXX cards from other makers will be released next week. No RX68xx cards with any Swedish shop as far as I can find, not even for pre-order (no, I wasn’t planning that). And prices for 3080 cards is brutal, even 3070 is expensive.
I really hope my old 290 will run for a little longer, and maybe prices can go down a little. :roll_eyes:


With a new Ryzen like the 5800 or 5800XT, 4 DIMM of a fast ram to achieve dual front channel a 6800XT with a good cooling system (like the Asus Liquid Cooled) could be overcloked up to 2.5Ghz and beat the 3090 at 4K but at near half the price (here in Italy the 3090 goes for about 1700€ and a 6800XT Liquid Cooled will be in the range of 1000€
From the start of my gaming experience, near 35 years ago, I had always Intel and Nvidia in my system but now, pheraps is the time to change…