DCS OTU Mission downloads - WW2 & Jets

Hi all,
Jimmi requested that I share the mission for others. I’ve uploaded it to dropbox and the file can be accessed here:

Mission includes a range of targets. They are not all loaded at the start so missions are started through the F10 Comms menu. There are armoured targets for bombing practice, there are a couple of truck and mixed convoys for strafing practice, ships for bomb and rocket practice. There was a B-17 raid to escort, but I forgot that this used the WW2 Assets Pack, meaning that some people could not join. As a result this has been removed, for the time being. There are also fighters. It is always worth being on the lookout as they can spawn at random and they attack the airfield. It’s good motivation to learn how to start up quickly and get off the ground. If they do not spawn in at random then they can be brought in through the F-10 Comms menu at any time; they can also be blown up through the F-10 comms menu too, just try not to be too close when that happens (no idea what impact it has on lag either!)

The armoured targets let you know when you have missed the target and when they have been destroyed. There is orange smoke to highlight the area of the targets.
The ships give out a message when they have been hit, damaged and destroyed. There is also red smoke.
The convoys give out Blue smoke. I’m looking to add a forward air controller that will designate the targets with smoke for us through the radio messages, but that may have to wait a bit.

I’m also going to tweak the way the armoured targets report back as it’s not quite right at the moment and I think the Red Smoke should come on when they are destroyed and not when they are missed.

Included aircraft:
[ul][li]Spitfire Mk IX
[/li][li]Spitfire Mk IX Clipped Wing
[/li][li]P-51D Mustang
[/li][li]TF-51D Mustang[/ul]
To be added:

Working along the lines of the mission above I am working on developing an OTU mission for modern aircraft in the Persian Gulf. This will look to incorporate Carrier Ops for the F/A-18, Harrier, Su-33 and upcoming F-14 Tomcat release.

Different scenarios can be loaded in through the Communications F-10 menu.
Current scenarios include:
[ul][li]Intercept and shadow Russian Tu-95 Bear flight that is monitoring fleet operations
[/li][li]Target Range on the island of Sir Abu Nu’Ayr with hit recording and indestructible targets and supporting JTAC operators.
[/li][li]Air Combat Zone - randomised spawning of Su-27, Mig-29, Mig-23, Mig-21 aircraft
[/li][li]In-flight refuelling training[/ul]
To be added:
[ul][li]Anti-shipping strikes
[/li][li]Anti-airfield operations
[/li][li]SEAD (Suppression Enemy Air Defences) missions
[/li][li]Close Air Support
[/li][li]Scramble intercept
[/li][li]Helicopter operations[/ul]
Current Aircraft:
[ul][li]F/A-18 Hornet
[/li][li]Su-33 Flanker
[/li][li]AV/8B Harrier
[/li][li]F-15C Eagle
[/li][li]Mirage 2000C
[/li][li]AJS37 Viggen
[/li][li]F-5E Tiger II
[/li][li]Mig-21bis Fishbed
[/li][li]Mig-29A Fulcrum[/ul]
Potential Aircraft:
[ul][li]TF-51 Mustang
[/li][li]Mig-29S Fulcrum
[/li][li]Su-27 Flanker
[/li][li]F-14 Tomcat[/ul]
I’d like to do the same on the NTTR map, but not enough people have it. I’ll do something similar on the Georgia Map, and I’ll get around to something similar in Normandy. Once complete new maps will be added to the 79vRAF website for download. This could, in theory, be placed on the EAF server but I am not worried about this.


Thanks, OD.

Good fun in the Spits last night as well.

Certainly was, still only getting close with the Spitfire’s bombs, but seem to be able to get hits with the P-51’s bombs and rockets. Definitely needs some more practice. I think the update messed around with the curves on my rudder pedals as it was so unstable on the rudder compared to what I am used to.

My G940 is definitely on its way out - spiking badly on the rudder and even after resetting controls half the throttle hat / switches still weren’t working properly.

Learned the hard way that the bombs have no time-delay on them. Not sure I got very close to the ships - probably hundred yards at best. Will try the Mustang when I have some time tomorrow, is nice to fly but have yet to try any ordinance

It’s more stable than the Spitfire, but it is not very good up close and personal with the 109. I always find it lacking in speed, but I am not flying it very well when it comes to that kind of fight; we’re always in a disadvantaged position.

If you get a response with the armoured targets when it comes to a BDA then you have dropped the bombs within 25ft of the target - it’s a 50ft diameter trigger zone. So it’s still pretty close and you’d want to be in the armoured vehicle if you were underneath the attack!