DCS Openbeta

New patch coming, here the changelog:


Out now, I’m updating!

Sono positivo, asintomatico o quasi…e allora mi spacco su dcs i prossimi giorni :joy::joy:


Un sacco di grafica! Figo!

Something unusual with this patch, when install finished, it wanted me to reboot the OS before running the game! :open_mouth: Didn’t say anything about it on the server install though. :smiley:

The server didn’t ask anything…I think was binded with the sanitization of some files that become locked after the patch.

same for me

I’ve read it’s cause of some new C++ libraries which come with this update. If those on the local pc were older and thus got updated, a reboot is needed.

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my feeling in VR

almost same performance but better visual quality in SteamVR respect to OpenXr…

don’t know why!
Note those are feelings not real benchmarks

My are opposite, better performance in OpenXR (loss of 5 to 6 fps and some ms in time frame under SteamVR). Apart this quality is the same but in this case I run maxed out DCS settings so quality must be pretty the same.