DCS: Open Beta Patch

USCITA!! Sotto changelog e dettagli!

(OT → C’è anche l’AH-64D Longbow :drooling_face: )


Non particolarmente corposa per il WWII, ma hanno inserito la modellazione del fusing delle bombe, che però al momento ancora non è regolabile. Occhio al passaggio relativo alle GP da 250 e 500 della RAF, pare che in questo intervallo, finché non rilasceranno l’interfaccia\menù per gestire il fuzing, diventeranno praticamente inutilizzabili perché avranno il delay a 30 minuti (DA CONFERMARE).

Di seguito qualche estratto dal changelog:

  • Weapons. Added small craters for other surfaces for unexploded or fuzed bombs
  • WWII Weapons. Reworked fuze modelling of WWII bombs and containers. Fuze parameters are now set up to use real-life values. The GUI to adjust various fuze settings is in the works. Please note: after these changes some weaponry might cease to fit the roles it was performing previously (for example, the British Mk V GP will now have a 30 min fuze function delay). Bombs that will definitely have their purpose altered:
    • RAF 250 GP Mk V
    • RAF 500 GP Mk V
  • WWII. New FARP support vehicles added for WWII, these are the Bedford Truck and the Blitz Truck, both free with the core game.

E ancora

DCS: FW 190A-8 Anton by Eagle Dynamics

  • Canopy reflections reduced

DCS: FW 190D-9 Dora by Eagle Dynamics

  • Random engine failure while flying at cruise power levels is now fixed

DCS: P-47D Thunderbolt by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed trim controls achievable only in half of range with joystick input
  • Default radio frequency is changed to 124 MHz

DCS: P-51D Mustang by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed carburettor cold and warm air levers uncontrollable from keyboard and joystick

DCS: Mosquito FB Mk VI by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added LODs
  • Improvements to visualization of the propeller and the spinner
  • Window needs to be open to talk to ground crew

DCS: Spitfire Mk IX by Eagle Dynamics

  • Cockpit needs to be open to talk to ground crew

DCS: WWII Assets Pack by Eagle Dynamics

  • Freya and Würzburg radars can’t detect targets - fixed. See here for setup.
  • Bunkers have no firing sounds - fixed




Ottima patch per il WWII, fuzes and FARP apro scenari tutti nuovi!
E anche i fix sui vari aerei, tutta roba che si aspettava da tempo.
Ora l’attesa è per Mariana WWII e il Corsair (con tanto di Zero AI al seguito) :+1:

30 MINUTES delay on RAF bombs sounds way excessive, I hope they mean 30 seconds (that would be helpful).