DCS online, in Spitfire

So I finally managed to get online on the Burning Skies server and actually do something else then take-off in the last 3 minutes (have happened to me more then once). The mission was flown in poring rain and some wind (the wind-sock was straight out, but can’t have been all that hard), low overcast.

On my first go (just after the server started) I headed for the place where there should be enemy ground units, and I did find them and attacked them, destroyed 4 trucks I believe it was while other enemy units was shooting back at me. Decided it would be too dangerous to continue with ground attack in my Spit with only cannons and mg, and having had a glancing hit on me, I headed for home. On my way back I was jumped by a 109K, but I managed to avoid his first attack without getting hit and it turned into a turnfight. I think I got some light hits on him, but I ran out of cannon ammo early on, and didn’t have any really good firing solutions. The 109 isn’t too bad in turning, and once I started getting the upper hand he extended away from me, no way for me to keep up with him. But then he decided to come back for me and we did another close combat turnfight, close to stall speed. There was another Spit that joined in briefly, but he didn’t stick around long after having gotten some hits on the 109. By then I had been hit a few more times, so I started to feel a need for some help. The end finally ended when I managed to drag the 109 over our airfield and out AAA turned him into a burning wreck in a short time…

I landed (successfully!) with holes in my right wing, but no crippling damage really.

Picked a new plane, took off and climbed a bit heading for enemy territory. Before I was too far away I noticed tracers over our base again, so I turned back, but the enemy above our base was already smoking black and disappeared before I could engage (not sure if the pilot just quit or if he crashed without me noticing it). So I turned for the enemy ground troops again. Did another stupid attack on them, but this time their AAA gunners managed to connect with me enough that I lost my rudder (oh, and I had forgotten to put my weapons on unsafe before my first run, stupid!), so I turned for home again. Made it back to base, and actually managed to do a decent landing without rudders! By then it was bedtime for me, but I actually had lots of fun even though I missed my EAF wingmen…

Been there, bought the T-shirt :roflmao:
It is a repeating occurrence for my part.