DCS on GTX 1060

Hi everyone!

Is anyone running DCS on GTX 1060 6GB and can recommend any graphic settings which take visually the most out of 1060 but keep the smoothness on appropriate level?

Look here:

And for optimization on any hardware level here:

As for experience I have a lot of friends that play on 1070 so playing on 1060 (with compromise) must be possible.

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Ciao Neptune, i use the 1060, i’ll make a screenshot of my settings this evening and send them here!

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I have the zotac 6gb gtx too

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That would be great!

Here my setup Neptune!!

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Honestly i could improve something with a little less FPS but it prefer having a fast machine rather that a very good quality.

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Hi Neptune, me too have gtx 1060. My settings:

Like Cappe, i prefer a fast machine…

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Thank you guys a lot!

Have You find the sweet spot?

I haven’t time for now to check the settings, I will try them in upcoming days probably :slight_smile:

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Neptune have a look at dcs, sales are coming for easter period! @EAF51_Neptune


Finally! Thanks! Do you know when the sales starts? I can’t find it on the webpage.

Based on previous years probably this Friday.
The P-51 will go on sale at 50%, 25$.
Normandy plus WWII Asset Pack bundles the same BUT pay attention, sometimes they forget to apply the discount on the bundle, so check both of them individually and buy them separately eventually, to obtain the right discount.
This for start, but usually in sale all the warbirds go on with a 50% (apart the P-47 that will go with 30% cause is the last arrived) and also the other (amazing) WWII map, The Channel will go for a 30%

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Alright, so I’m waiting for the Friday. Thanks!