DCS Night, lets retry the bombing mission! May the 11th

@51Squadron @41wing

Unfortunately due to work related delays, i can’t be in before 21.30/45

But i’d like to repeat the same type of mission done Monday evening with a little more time given to the preparation before startin up, i’m sure we could do much better (coming back alive, no improvisation and some points on the ground this time).


Storm in. I would like to be wingman because i don’t fly too much lately.

In, late, but in

in late!

since we are all late can we think of a warm up and a mission start for 22/22.30?

meanwhile those who arrive early could check active targets and start to plan a pre-briefing?

The reality is that we can’t plan until we know the server timing/restart time like last time.

With such a late start it doesn’t matter that I will probably miss flying today. :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl:

Right now there are just 10 missions
Briefings are online

and you can see active mission, but not time elapsed

but you can see them from your dcs account


so new map should load 21.30ish…

if they load sequentially next mission is here


Dovrei arrivare per le 21 e 40 o le 22

The final combat landing.
Bonus: a gentleman freaking out :slight_smile:


Sono molto, molto dispiaciuto per essermela persa :slightly_frowning_face:
Attendo i debrief :heart: