DCS MT using E-cores instead of P-cores on Intel gen 12 and 13 CPUs

Since its release, I have had the feeling that the MT version of DCS runs worse than the old ST version on my PC, at least in terms of CPU frame time (in VR). So I have not being using it much at all.

Last night @EAF51_RomanPolansky convinced me to start DCS MT to join the 4YA server, citing the fact that the ST would struggle to cope with the massive Normandy 2.0 map and the circa 100 players present on the server.

During the long flight to Evreux, I noticed that fpsVR showed only one of my P-cores and all of the E-cores to be significantly loaded: 7 out of 8 P-cores were basically doing nothing.

I have now checked online for any info on this issue and found this - basically a confirmed bug of DCS that ED are currently investigating. Hopefully they will correct it soon.

(A simple solution would be to disable the E-core from the BIOS, but apparently in that DCS MT refuses to work… I have not tried it myself: I will give it a go an report back if successful).


Following how this works out for you, i personally never change something in the Bios. Haha that would be like me doing brain surgery while im a technical engineer… good luck M8. :+1: