DCS Hawk

Ok, so it’s the least popular of all of the modules; generally with good reason. Those of you at Flying Legends last year may have overheard the conversations about the Hawk with VEAO after Topsy demonstrated his Spitfire Controls to them. They knew it was nowhere near good enough, but the team that had originally developed it had quit and they were having to go through things line by line and every time they fixed something a DCS update came out and broke something else. As a result they said they wouldn’t do anymore fixes until 2.5 was released as a stable release. Well, that time has come and we’ve just had the first Hawk update.
I’ve taken it a for a couple of spins. It’s always been nice to fly, but there have just been bugs and problems with it. Some of them have been fixed, and it still flies really nicely. I can get the weapons to work and I can taxi, this was a problem before!
It’s a lot easier to handle than the L-39 and it should be lethal up close and personal. I’ve added it to the Harrier OCU training mission as a dissimilar combat trainer; which should be interesting.

I’m not sure it is yet at the stage where I’d recommend buying it, not at full price anyway, but if it is on sale then it’s probably worth it. I picked it up for not much at all. Definitely don’t pay $39.99 for it, it’s not fixed yet. It should make for fun flying though if we were to go with a display team, and the back seat does/did work, it’s been turned off at the moment as it caused problems in multiplayer, but once it is up and running you’d hope that they’d include multi crew so that it can be used in the primary role of trainer.