DCS F14 incoming!!!!

Amazing news by Heatblur Simulations


I hope in Kelly McGillis mod !!!:p:p:p:roflmao::roflmao::roflmao::banana::banana::banana:

Like this?

I watched the presentation video yesterday, and it sure looks fine (the F-14 that is), but I don’t think I’ll buy it in the nearest year at least.


I’ll get it

For me it is almost as iconic as the Spitfire.

Good on you Nepe… I’ll be your back seat driver:banana:

If it’s as good as the Harrier or Hornet your in for a treat


Thanks Stevie!!

2 more eyes, thats what you need when you are a 40 something old pilot

I must say I love the looks of the F-14, but at the same time I’m realistic on how likely (or rather, unlikely) it is that I will have the time and energy to learn to fly and fight in it in a way that it will be fun. I suspect the learning curve will be both quite steep as well as long, and I still haven’t come around to even set up my controls in the F/A-18. :rolleye:

DONE! Ill be your Goose, if you will be my Maverick! :roflmao:

DONE! Ill be your Goose, if you will be my Maverick!

“Bullshit; you can be mine”

slightly awkward pause at massively homo-erotic statement by Tom Cruise

Said: while they are playing Volleyball with no shirts on and sweat dripping, next stop the shower and the making of Top Gun 3 “Full Analburner”. :roflmao:

Myself and Jaks have pre-ordered. More bonus points available if others want to purchase non-sale modules.

I have too but you cant use your Bonus points for the F-14 ever so says Nineline Norm. :mad: