DCS F-16, latest update

The F-16 has been one of my favourite planes to fly in DCS since pretty much the release.

I’ve had the A-10C for ages (was the first plane I bought, might even have been before DCS became DCS), and some time ago I bought the update to C-II as well, but I actually never fly it.

The Viggen was my second “real” jet in DCS, a must buy for a Swede (except if your name is Mram :thinking: ) and I still love it, really good module, perfect for taking out ships, but slightly limited (it is the AJS-37 after all, Attack first and foremost).

Then I bought the F/A-18C, and while it’s a really competent plane that can do most things well, I simply don’t love it. The feeling of flight is somehow lacking. I understand why USAF chose another plane over the YF-17.

And then came the F-16. It’s been my favourite modern jet since I became interested in flying for real. In DCS it’s been pretty good for some things, and for some reason the systems feels more natural to me than in the F/A-18. It’s a couple of steps behind the F/A-18 in development in DCS, and it is a bit more limited in it’s roles as well, but even it it can only carry 6 A-A missiles (compared to the 12 on the 18!) it’s radar often was slightly better att picking out enemies (some said it was too good), and it could carry the lovely CBU-97 for maximum effectiveness against enemy armour etc. The feeling of flight have for me felt better than the 18 (not more realistic, just more to my taste), but not quite up to what I was expecting of a F-16. But with the latest update that has really improved. Now you can really turn the plane.

Not sure where I’m going with this post other than to say that I really, really, like the F-16 now! :rofl:


Someone say “CBU-97”? :sunglasses:

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Have You ever tried toss bombing Mikke?

:wink: :grin:

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Not in DCS, I know I have tried it before, totally unaided in WW2 planes, with very random results. :stuck_out_tongue:

Il 16 vira molto ma non è la sua arma migliore, la sua arma migliore è il two circle fight, ti metti li in corner speed, 350 nodi e qualsiasi altro aereo vedrà i sorci verdi…
Diverso l’one circle, come dicevo vira molto ma…se vai in scissor con un Mirage sei destinato a morire a meno che non gli fai perdere nergia subito (e un ala a delta la perde, a voglia se la perde) se ci vai contro un 27 o un 33 se riesci a non farti prendere nelle prime due virate “vettoriali” che tira lo stesso te la giochi.
Dulcis in fundo…se vai contro un F-14 solo gun, sia che vai in two circle o one circle (pure peggio) se il pilota del gattone sa il fatto suo…ti tirerà giù, perchè il 14 è mostruso nel dogfight…molti dei miei ex compagni di squadron lo hanno imparato a loro spese :grin:

I’m not so sure this is still the case (F-14 vs F-16 in a dogfight), with the latest update I think the F-14 will really struggle if the pilots are fairly well matched.

It’s been a while (well over a year ago) since I flew 1 on 1 in a F-16 against a human in anything, but what then was close to equal fights would probably be a lot easier now. It would be kind of fun to try again.

If I will find some time to retake the Tomcat for a bit of train I will be happy to try it :+1:

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Vecchia ma mi fa sempre ridere…