DCS: DCS Open Beta 2020-11-04

Uscito il changelog, a breve andrà in rilascio sui server di Update.
Lo trovate qui:

Edit: Degno di nota per il WWII oltre al DM rilasciato sui server ED cui seguiranno istruzioni su come collegarsi (sigh) ci sono alcune cosine molto interessanti:

  • Behaviour of the AI gunners on bombers improved
  • AI Pilot Bailout Procedures were improved
  • Terrain: improved background preload for less stutters
  • Terrain surface textures: improved details at altitude for HIGH terrain texture option
  • Terrain: improved loading resources and memory management
  • Terrain: fixed excessively curved paths
  • Terrain: fixed leak after destroying scene object
  • Terrain: fixed civil traffic disappearing
  • Terrain: fixed grass disappearing
  • Trees: improved far LOD rendering
  • Trees: fixed mirroring far LOD
  • WWII bomber formation keeps mission set altitude during threat of AAA
  • AI Emergency Procedures - ditching on water is added
  • WWII torpedoes have better destruction force against ships now
  • Mission Editor: Added ability to Show/Hide all units of coalition (found in map options)
  • Corrected Historical Mode database.
  • ME. Fix displayname tasks: ‘WW2 big formation’ -> ‘Big formation’ ‘WW2 Carpet bombing’ -> ‘Carpet bombing’.
  • Sound. Update for new sound feature Origin Sphere (wip) - P-51, Spitfire, Bf 109, Yak-52, Fw 190, and others.
  • Sound. Added global origin-sphere around spatial sources.
  • AI WWII. AI pilots will go bail-out faster. Added dead AI pilot lean head animation.
  • AI will not go to takeoff with significant damages.
  • AI with damage after landing will not remain on the runway.
  • AI. Aircraft wreckage destroyed on the ground will be removed in 3 minutes.
  • Radio. WWII. Restored radiocommand “Cover Me”.
    Planes Specific:

DCS P-47D Thunderbolt by ED
Water injection system is added
Engine improvements based on water injection system
Air cooling model improved
Fixed a bug with displaying some elements after destruction of wings.
Rudder plate at max deflection angles intersects with other elements - fixed
Cowl flaps control rod model improved

DCS FW 190 A-8 by ED
Smoke screen button assignment - fixed
Oil temperature - fixed

DCS FW 190 D-9 by ED
Corrections to the cooling model

DCS Spitfire LF Mk IX by ED
When leaving aircraft to AI it’s tail sinks into the ground - fixed
Added the burned model
Some visual gaps between cockpit and the external model are closed


M4 High-Speed Tractor
Light Tank Mk VII Tetrarch
FuMG 401 Freya LZ radar
MG shoots higher on sd234\2 Puma. Sight reticle has been changed
A-20G behavior is changed to attack aircraft/bomber
The AI A-20G seems to ignore CAS / Bombing / Carpet Bombing tasking - fixed
AI Gunners on Bombers are too accurate A-20G and Ju-88 effective turret range reduced
Evasion maneuvers for WWII bombers improved
The following units have been made available free for all users:
A-20G bomber
Flak 18
Bofors 40mm
Panzer IV
Blitz 3.6-6700A
Bedford MWD

DCS The Channel Map by ED
Optimized surface details
Fixed: unable to set temperature
Improved TAD textures
Made birds’ ambient sounds less annoying


FW-190A-8 Horrido! campaign by Reflected Simulations:
Temperatures adjusted.
New assets added.

Spitfire IX The Big Show campaign and P-51D Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney campaign by Reflected Simulations:
Various bug fixes and improvements.
New assets added.


Riepilogo con tutte le novità WWII

Uscito hotfix:

Hot fix DCS Open Beta

Changed net protocol.

DCS World
Crash during loading or immediately after loading a track - fixed.
Crash in the webrtc_plugin.dll - fixed.
Night time unit visibility, flickering white dots - fixed.
Major RU localization update.
MP. Su-25, Su-25T net phantom is not syncronized with pilot when server started paused - fixed.
Damage - fixed crash when crewman state change is not created as neglectable.
MP. Fixed multiplayer crash due to overflow of ammunition table.
DCS Supercarrier by ED
Crew only in one eye in VR in F2 view - fixed.
DCS Flaming Cliffs by ED
Adjusted Su-27 and Su-33 cockpit mirrors. Parts of the airframe are visible.
DCS F/A-18C Hornet by ED
Bloom around hornet nav lights appears too large/bright at distance - Fixed
Navigation lights very bright in day time - Fixed
DCS F-16C Viper by ED
Added AGM-88 HARM section with HAS mode procedures.
UFC Training mission static aircraft placement issue - Fixed
Added Viper AIM-9LM Training mission
Fixed typos and mission (Lesson 11) picture error
Added Viper AIM-120C training lesson.
Added Viper Lesson 13 - Air-Air TWS and LINK-16 Use
Added Viper training lesson 14 - Air-to-Air ACM and HMCS use
DCS Campaigns

Memory of a Hero campaign by Stone Sky:
In mission 13, the behavior of the AI ​​escort helicopter has been improved.
In mission 16, the error of choosing the ending was fixed.

Mi-8MTV2 The Crew Part 1 campaign by Stone Sky:
In mission 7, the problem with landing on the first site has been fixed.

P-51D Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney campaign by Reflected Simulation:
AI startup bug workaround
Mission 13 progression fix
improved D-day landings

Spitfire IX The Big Show campaign by Reflected Simulation:
AI startup bug workaround
fine tuned AI speeds and trigger conditions

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