Dcs a-10

Complete Salivation…

Looks very interesting! :slight_smile:

Agreed. Looking forward to this.

You can prepurchase and get the Beta right now. I might just do that :wink:




Its out and it looks good with alot of new features, anyone have it? http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/index.php?end_pos=2452&scr=default&lang=en

Not yet, I heard that if you pre-pay you get the beta, but I didnt.

It is on my ‘investment’ list. But we are to close to chrismas so it will have to wait for february.
I have a suspicion that the flying part will be easier than Blackshark :wink:

I decided I couldn’t wait, partly due to withdrawal from flying. I know it’s a beta version but it’s awesome. The only fly in the ointment is waiting for 64bit TIR s/w to work with the 64bit exe.

Not had too much stick time, but it looks great and flies well.

Do you think the Weapons system and Avionics are as complicated as the Black Shark, Does it have a good manual and training?

Do you think the Weapons system and Avionics are as complicated as the Black Shark, Does it have a good manual and training?

From the look of it, its more intuitive to what we’re used to with weapons systems. That said, I haven’t got that far yet. :slight_smile:

Manual and training are as good, if not better than BS. There’s a nice feature when going over the start up, where the instructor waits until you’ve flicked the relevant switch which has a discreet direction prompter in the corner of the screen. When you look in that direction, the switch is highlighted.

Early days yet…

This have called my attention:

Battlefield Commander Mode
When assigned in the Mission Editor, players can give commands to friendly ground forces. In this mode, players can give ground units movement orders, formation assignments, and targeting (particularly for artillery).

This can be a useful tool in a mission when you want to redirect ground forces.

ahhh the warthog…,my favorite modern jet

Modern? :smiley:
[OT] It’s funny, the plane is older then me (first flight 10 May 1972 according to Wikipedia), and it’s not the oldest. I do have some vague recollection that they where about to withdraw it some years ago, but seems they thought better of it and it’s now expected to stay in service until 2028, by then it will be a 56+ year old construction (though upgraded a couple of times). Imagine a 38 year old plane in 1940, not very impressive huh? Eh, actually it wouldn’t be possible until 1941. :roflmao: [/OT]

I think this is why she will be around for a while:
" United States Air Forces Central issued Operation Iraqi Freedom: By the Numbers, a declassified report about the aerial campaign in the conflict on 30 April 2003. The A-10s had a mission capable rate of 85% in the war and fired 311,597 rounds of 30 mm ammunition."

Ya baby, Low and Slow, let that Vulcan Rock and Roll!!

Yes, I hope USAF will keep them around, nothing like it in the air really, seems like the airforce leadership might actually have realized it. :slight_smile: