DCS 2023 and beyond premiere

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Phantom, Corsair, Chinook, Hellcat, wow…sicuramente pronti in 6/7 anni…

devo ancora vederlo, ma considerando che 3/4 delle robe postate nel video dell’anno scorso devono ancora uscire… :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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l’unica cosa che mi è piaciuta del video è la Piramide… per il resto sembra tanta fuffa

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Most importantly (IMO), proper multithreading! Not a surprise that they are working on it though, it’s been known, and confirmed since at least a couple of weeks.

Surprise to me was the F6F, well at least that it had come that far. Can’t say I’m really excited about it (I prefer flying over Europe), but at least it gives some hope to WW2 Pacific being more than a lonely F4U and a WW2 version of Marianas.
Well, that they where making a Chinook, and had come that far was also a bit of surprise. That might make a good stand-in for the HKP-4 for sub-warfare and SAR once we get the Baltic map. By then I’ll probably be retired and have lots of time to fly! :rofl:

Oh, I’m not holding my breath while waiting for any of the new stuff shown, but I think the Phantom might be released this year. Maybe, just maybe, the new WW2 European map, or the Sinai map or WW2 Marianas. :laughing:


Only interested in new ww2 map.

well multithreading is long due!

And Dssl will give everybody a boost in performance for free so both great news!

Corsair Hellcat the Ai Zero and marianas map are all nice additions…

let’s see how long to implement all this!

Multithreading (probabilmente un game changer, che apre a una serie di possibilità future impensabili finora), dssl, F4U/F6 + WWII carrier ops, Marianas WWII + Normandy 2.0. Di tutto questo, l’unico non prossimo all’uscita è l’F6. E parliamo solo del comparto WWII.

Dynamic Campaign in avanzata lavorazione.

Per chi ama il moderno, c’è roba da tenersi occupati i prossimi 2 anni ad imparare cose.
E parliamo del top della simulazione militare attualmente esistente.

Voglio dire… Ajò raga :smile:

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