DCS Open Beta

Released new patch.
Here the changelog:


Joker OUT

Hmm, the update on my flying computer was done in a few minutes, but the update for my server is taking a long time, strange…

You have a dedicated server installation or a client based?
On Dedicated server (like EAF server) strangely it take a lot of time to download, three or four time respect my personal client…probably the Dedicated Server are routed to slow server cause ED wanna give precedence to players who pay for modules and map (South Atlantic was just released…).

Dedicated server. But I suspect I know the difference, the dedicated server has all the maps, the client installations only downloads the maps that you own, and I haven’t bought the South Atlantic map, so…

Yeah but the client for every map that You own download also all the textures the dedicated server not, only the mesh.
So for example in the case of South Atlantic map the Dedicated server version is 40Gb, the client one is 70.