DCS 2.1 Normandy Training Mission added to Dropbox

For information I have added my latest Normandy map training mission to the EAF Dropbox in the DCS/missions folder.

The mission includes most of our “personal” Spitfires based at Ford and at Longues-sur-Mer behind the beachhead.
For those flying out of Ford towards France there is a B17 raid to escort and defend against Bf109’s. Failure to escort means the bombers get shot down !

In France I have placed quite a few stationary and moving soft and hard targets around Caen. These will move around for about 90 minutes. Some Fw190s will attempt to attack our ships and landing craft operating just to the east of our base. Another group of Bf109’s will also be in the area looking for trouble.

For those flying in from England, you can re-arm and re-fuel at Longues. If your plane is damaged or worse you can re-spawn in your personal aircraft directly at Longues. At Longues watch out for the FlyCo’s jeep which regularly inspects all areas of the airfield.

For the ground-pounders some Mustangs armed with either bombs or rockets are flyable from Longues.

My thanks to Starfire who helped to test the mission on-line.

It have been my pleasure :slight_smile:

Can you drive a tank? :slight_smile:

Good effort Topsy, thanks.

Can we organise a night to fly this? Post up when (I can’t next week sadly as working late). This Thursday maybe?

Yes. If you have Combined Arms.

Happy to host Normandy training tonight if some of you are available.

Thanks Topsy, I’m stuck working a late shift this week.