Dambusters - 65 years on..

Fantastic stuff.


Goosebumps as the Lanc flies over Ladybower dam.

Salute to an ever decreasing group of amazing flyers

Very fitting.

I’m glad they didn’t play the Dambusters theme - I would have cried :o

Hail to all the legendary pilots of the dambusters and their few fellow machines!

Its of great happiness I see this incredible aircraft still fly and the last survivor of the great raid.


Ta Keets, I’ve recorded it off the TV this morning but not seeing it until later. 1080i :slight_smile:

Someone tell Maryfield!!

Bloody heroes <lump in throat>



Fantastic to see this most magnificant machine flying so low, IMO the best looking bomber in WW2. Someone must have one in the mod works for IL2 ? (crosses fingers).

Insight passed comment about how loud one Merlin was.

Well, what about four:


I think you can just about hear the Tornado fly past which are not noted for there quiet power plants.

Fantastic video! Low and extremely exciting, must been very sweaty for the pilots back in the war…

At first, I was dreaming about having such a great quality in a game…:smiley: