Dal FORUM UP: Mission Statement - Defining our stance towards the FMs.

Hello everybody,

The flight models that we create are based on books by or about WWII pilots & aircraft, original flight performance documents & a panel of experts.
These experts Include real pilots who have actually flown aircraft as serving officers or ex officers in the armed services of many different countries.

Moreover i would like to quote also the following from our Mission Statement:

I believe its time to announce our Mission Statement so you can be informed not only for the present but for any future plans also.

As we agreed, we would keep UP2.x viable for the run of the current SEOW season, afterwhich all interested communities may participate in a more publicly geared united pack which all the leaders of many communities agreed would be a good POSSIBLE course of action, and should this come to pass we shall surely be a part of that.

In the meantime we will continue to refine and develop our pack, as we agreed with the leaders of 242, and SAS, C6 and AAA, and addapt it to include any fixes that may emerge from it’s parent pack, HSFX, and upcoming TD game updates, but this can in no way be misunderstood as softening our commitment to a later unified pack.

Since we assume ownership and responsibility towards UP Pack, we think it is our right, to decide what parameters to assign to certain values in the pack version, that will not betray the trust that users of UP has placed in the pack. This may include that we prefer to keep most weapons stock, whereas the SEOW version may require some edited weapons classes, or we may prefer different default skins, class settings or even different FM for some planes (excluding stock flyables of course).

We try to be the pack that stays where possible to most true to the default game parameters with all these. In the case of FM’s we realise that some modmakers may feel very proprietary about their FM’s, and may feel slighted if we change these or edit them for the UP pack. It is important for them to understand that this is not a personal attack, it is simply that we have our pack here, and we include the best FM’s we can find or make for all planes. We do no different that the pack makers at 242, or at Histomod, or at Nullwars, or C6 , or Aviaskins. All these guys will change FMs to suit their idea of what is best for them. And none of them, including us, profess to have the ultimate best most accurate FMs for all planes. We are all working hard at it, and we feel we are good and are improving, which is I think the most one can ask. This is not some FM history competition here. It is just our best efforts for our own pack.

We have learned that having long pointless debates about overall historical accuracy does nothing but inflame people. So we’d like to change that into a policy and atmosphere of allowing more for the report of FM bugs and other bugs and ideas, and leave the discussions of the finer points to the guys working on the actual FM’s, in private, just like they work it at SAS. It would be nice if people someday found a way of debating a parameter without the animosity, or the insulting undertones and the like. We live in hope, but, for now, we deal in reality.

Following all that, we can see no point in encouraging or hosting any animosity towards any other site out there, even ones who may be aggressive towards us or who may simply disagree with how we run things here. We are here to make mod packs and make this game better for UP users, and that is all we are here for. From now on, we ask for no negative posting about other sites here, and no bitching and sniping and complaining about them. If other sites want to attack us, or insult or undermine or whatever ugliness one can think of, they are welcome to do it, elsewhere. We hope however, to set an example of live and let live, and for an atmosphere in the IL2 community of more moderation and tolerance.

In this we share the same policies as our sister site, the SAS, and we hope that, as UP and SAS move closer together, we can create an atmosphere that is positive and open and welcoming to all, and that will lead to the creation of ever better mods, packs and other widgets for IL2, our favourite game.

StG77_HaDeS & SAS~CirX

Tutto questo proviene direttamente dal FORUM della UP. Questo fa capire il loro lavoro di ricerca che devo dire è egregio.