Custom kneeboard - Open Kneeboard

VR and non-VR users, please have a look a this usefull plugin:

Basically, it adds an overlay window that show up on command as a customizeble kneeboard.

Below a picture I prepared and how it looks through the lenses (I’m unable to take screenshot with both the game and the overlay)

You can add both pictures and PDF to the kneeboard. No need to resize.
The kneeboard will show up with the right proportions.


Fantastico! Grazie!!!

Forgot to mention:

If you have a graphic tablet, you can easily write on top of any document displayed!

Here’s my setup with my old Wacom Tablet (bough in 2013 and promoted to a more honourable task)



io avevo provato questa su DCS
(è sviluppata da un AMVI)

immagino che funzioni anche con il2

anche io ho una vecchia wacom che avevo provato.

mi hai fatto voglia di riprovarci!

adding the link for the IL2 Mission Planner


Holy cow, i totally forgot about it!
That is a really good tool

puoi caricare una pagina web come il mission planner? o solo uno screenshot?

la seconda che hai detto…

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provata molto molto figa!

@Jimmi_EAF51 in questo video viene spiegato come fare overlay da qualsiasi programma con WMR

forse funziona anche con Browser… ora sono lontano da PC per provare.

fatemi sapere se funge


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appena ho tempo lo provo!

It works!

Usign EDGE as browser and cleaning all unnecessary bars.

Set the Start page for the relevant mission planner.
In the example below you see (through the lenses) the DWO current mission.

NOTE: You cant adjust the zoom level when in cockpit (cause mouse is not active) just set before hit the “FLY” button. Anyway, you can pan the map using the controller.
if you focus the EDGE window you loose the plane control. rember to restore focus to the game.

perchè l’ho scritto in inglese? boh… ho bisogno di un’altra vacanza