Curved monitors - Any experiance?

Hi Gents
Let me start by thanking all of you who left a comment at the Occulus rift thread.
I had hoped that the gear was ready for operation and could be a replacement for a new monitor in the fall, but I consider the conclusion a success anyway. Saving Money by not buying the wrong equipment is still a good save.

Before I went on extended leave for the reno of my living room I had a 3 monitor setup, with one monitor allready in tech heaven.
They have been overdue for retirement, but Money was tight. I expect that the situation will be different in the fall, when my livingroom is done.

The old monitors was 2x17" and a 21". I was looking to replace them for 3x24", but I would really like to get rid of the becel.
I have been looking at 34"-curved monitors"&, since they are almost at the same Price as 3x24".

Did I mention that we have one at Work as a demo :cool:

Do any of you have experiance with a curved monitor?

I don’t get it mate, why don’t you test one since you got it for demo?

I can see the benefit if one would use 3 of them, but I really can’t see the point of curved monitor if you use just one.

It is in our demo room in our reception area,where all the customers get picked up. If I start fidling with it, I will be in a world of hurt :wink:

“Hay, I’m just going to borrow this over the weekend, it’ll be back by 9 on monday!” :roflmao:

I managed to get permission to try it out during a weekend, so I packed all my gear and went to my workplace for a testrun.

The testrun was a blast. I was sold :wink:

But the test also showed that I need a complete new rig.

IL2 1946
I felt no reel change in emmersion from my old screen.

Cliffs of Dover
This was a blast! The immersion was unbeliable. Unfortunately I experiance a lot of tearing.

The tearing can be solved but it will require that VGA Card and monitor have G-sync or FreeSync.

Great news!!!
having you back would be great!
check also projectors i think they made progresses!!!

Geeber former EAF pilot is building an F18 pit

he’s considering this

plus a warping software

hi this is another good program to blend the video image…

and the PC License is very cheap…only € 150

use Forex material to build the screen projector

Would it be a significant improvement on this?

well big screen but high resolution also…
you need a really good rig to run COD/DCS/BOS at 4k!!!

well big screen but high resolution also…
you need a really good rig to run COD/DCS/BOS at 4k!!!

i7 5820K? :cool:

It’s the GPU who handle the graphic!

I would say Gtx980 or better (may be in sli if the game can handle it!..)

Ouch, not sure I have a spare £500 just for a new graphics card. Maybe a Christmas present to myself…