Crow leaving

EGF_Crow have joind up with Swe-Force so from here on he is now free target :wink: Swe-Force have not yet paid any transfer money to EGF, and may I say that we will not get fat from it either :smiley:

How is next to go ?? I know that Swe have had there eyes on us for some time now…

Maybe we can get a new server from all the cash that will roll in? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for Intelligence Wasp :slight_smile:

Mikke our old friend Soupdragon (Soup) from No 81 Squadron is interested in doing some OFP with us, could he join us on our TS server? Kleppa’s server has a channel for Friends of the EAF so maybe Soup and guys that we know who want to play OFP and other sims could join us on our EAF (Hiawatha’s) server? Only one or two guys that we have known for a long time joining our EGF team. I need a gunner lol :slight_smile:

Not a problem at all if you think that this is a bad idea Mikke and Hiawatha, just wondering


I don’t see any real problems with it Ming, as long as we keep it to known and trusted people, but I’ll let others have a say about it (for TS that is).

He (and other known people) is definetly welcome to join us for OFP when I host. :slight_smile:

Excellent thanks Mikke

Phil is coming in too I hear, now we just need Growler and Moosey and we will be back to normal :slight_smile:

I will ask Hiawatha first though in Briefing if Soup can use his TS server but it is good to know that in principle some of our EAF-friends can join the battle :slight_smile:


OFP? is that Operation Flash Point? crikey thats old or is there a new one out?

Yes it’s old but it’s the nearest thing to a ground combat sim that we’ve got. CoD too that’s getting there. Battlefield2 might be interesting

Cosi fan Tutti. Something for everyone :slight_smile:


OFP is a classic, Classic.
It’s still the best groundwar sim I’ve tried.

CoD is good fun, fast and pretty realistic action, but it lacks the freedom that OFP has, and in some ways it lacks in realist.