Crashed Lancaster in Sweden

I knew we had quite a few crash/emergency landings in Sweden during WW2, from both sides, but I had missed this one:
Will have to try to remember this one if I’m in that neighborhood (far north of Sweden) in the future. :slight_smile:

The only Lanc left of 617 ‘Dambusters’ Squadron’s amazingly varied history during the war. I watched a docu of this squadron soem time ago. It mentions this exact aircraft’s last sorties, in addition to many other great stories.

It was heavily damaged during the last or one of the last attacks on Tirpitz. It lost both engines on one side, with fuel leaking out everywhere. The pilot kept it in the air for some intense hours after disaster struck. Nobody wanted to leave the aircraft but stuck together, trying to keep it going for as long as possible. But it was turning dark fast and with no landmarks but endless forests, they were completely lost, only flying some hundred feet above the treetops and steadily loosing the battle. Suddenly a clearing opened up and they went for it. They were lucky it was just big enough. Swedish forests are renowned for their size.

I’ll have a look if I can find it again.

This post is indeed a funny coincident.
I read about this crash Saturday.
Last month I bought the book “Aircraft Down” by Alec Brew, and the story about this crash among them.
All of the crew survived the crash-landing, but one of them got a dislocated knee in the accident.
The pilot thought that the clearing was covered in grass, so they did a wheels down landing. But it turned out to be a swamp, so as soon as the wheels hit the ground the aircraft stood on its nose. Luckily it didn’t turned over.