Couple Of New Books

Just got a couple of books that might be of interest:

Igor Kaberov - Swastika In The Gunsight - Memoirs of a Russian Fighter Pilot 1941-43.

Joel S.A.Hayward - Stopped at Stalingrad : The Luftwaffe and Hitler’s Defeat in the East 1942-43.(I know we are getting complete wrong planes for Stalingrad and this is stage 1 of the proof ! :roflmao: )

Just read a little of Kaberov’s book. His account of his trusty I16 and attempts to ram bombers who just extended away with speed…Know how that feels!

Will let you know how these are at a later date once had a chance to read them.

Nice finds! Sound like great books. :slight_smile:

Finished: Igor Kaberov - Swastika In The Gunsight - Memoirs of a Russian Fighter Pilot 1941-43.

Was a decent read but it is pretty 1 sided view. He was a Communist Party member so you need to take a certain bias in his views.

But still a very interesting read. He starts in I16’s and then moves to Lagg3 that he loves. He then goes to one of the first Hurricanes and hates it. No decent guns, poor pilot protection, slow speed and very poor vertical manouvers…He could have a point :o . They fly them to Moscow where they take off the Mgs, add 2 cannons and heavier MGs to give it more punch. Also give a lot more pilot protection by using the heavier armoured plates from a Lagg. That was interesting as although laggs were wood they had a lot of metal plating around pilot.

He talks about Yaks and how they outclassed the 109’s easily in horizontal but also were able to mix to a large extent on the vertical or so he claims.

At very end they get Lagg5’s…I guess that is LA5’s in FB speak. He says they simply outclassed anything the Germans had in the air. For the first time it was the Russians who went out hunting for the enemy. Before then it was all reactive to protecting bombers or trying to stop German bombers… But with the LA5 the war changed and it was the Germans who were running scared. He says all the German comms were full of “Achtung, achtung, La funf In Der Luft”—Attention La 5’s in the air.

With those words Germans would scatter and run…maybe in real they knew they were up again Uber planes and newbie pilots :confused: …Or maybe the Soviets had managed to make a plane that was at the time a match for anything in the air and then unlike now they did know their planes were outclassed and as they could not hit escape/refly they just escaped ? :roflmao: